What is an Exhaust Brake?

As a driver, you’re probably aware of the engine brake and the standard brakes for diesel-powered vehicles. However, did you know that you can also use an exhaust brake? If you’re looking to considerably slow down a car, exhaust brakes come in handy and can be efficient in the long run. Exhaust brakes vary in size and weight.

Here’s a look at exhaust brakes and why they are essential:

What exactly is an Exhaust Brake?

An exhaust brake is a gadget that creates a restriction in the exhaust system while creating substantial exhaust back pressure to reduce engine speed and provide extra braking. These brakes are effective that they can slow down a loaded truck on a downgrade without the need of using service brakes.

How Do Exhaust Brakes Work?

The exhaust brake works as a valve which closes when the driver releases the fuel throttle. This bottlenecks the exhaust flow from the cylinders and builds pressure in the exhaust system upwards from the exhaust brake. The pressure can go up to 60 PSL maximum working pressure depending on engine speed.

Restricting the exhaust flow generates strong braking which makes exhaust brakes effective. Also, an exhaust brake works in conjunction with the cruise control when active; this means that you don’t have to worry about the systems interfering with each other.

Why You Should Consider Having an Exhaust Brake

If you’re used to regular brakes, here’s why you should think of getting an exhaust brake.

Prevent Overheating

Exhaust brakes can prevent the regular brakes from overheating when you’re going downwards. This keeps the pressure off your brakes. Moreover, when driving a loaded trailer and you need to go downhill, these brakes can prevent the truck from going too fast which could result in an accident.

Silent Brakes

Although an engine brake can help stop or slow down a vehicle, it’s quite noisy when applied. With an exhaust brake, you can enjoy the silence and the convenience of using them regularly.

Works on all Vehicles

Exhaust brakes work in trucks of different sizes that are typically heavy and transport heavy cargo. With this, you can have a safe and secure vehicle on the road. Moreover, you can choose from various types of exhaust brakes.

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