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Camionette Chevrolet Apache

Chevy Apache has been with us for years, yet it continues to sell. And it’s not as cheap as anyone would imagine. This is in spite of the many modern truck designs hitting the market every other day – Chevy Apache is a model of the 1950s.

It came at a time when the American automobile market was experiencing incredibly special times. It was around the time Chrome, narrow wheels, and futuristic features started popping up in the automobile industry.

At the time, Chevrolet was somewhat difficult to understand, thanks to some of the features it introduced in its vehicles, including some amazing elements featured in their “Bel Air”. This trend didn’t stop with the Bel Air, but also made its way to Chevrolet’s pickups.

Coming into the market in 1955, the Chevrolet Task Force introduced great features everyone would look for in a truck, delivering features that earlier Chevy trucks didn’t have.

Chevy Apache then came into the market and picked up from the Task Force. Apache performed quite well, carrying Chevy’s truck names for years to come. It was the big thing alongside Vikings and Spartan until 1999 when Silverado officially took over.

Going back a bit earlier, we see that Chevy’s line of trucks came into the market from as early as 1918 when Chevrolet joined hands with General Motors.

Over the years that followed, the company faced numerous ups and downs, but kept on improving on its line of trucks until in the 1950s when Chevy Apache was released to the market alongside the mid-duty and heavy-duty Chevy trucks.

They were released at a time they’d been extensively worked on to inject as much as users would long for in a truck.

Chevy Apache Has Some Great Features

In 1958, Chevy trucks introduced the fleetside bed. They were fitted with four headlights and a clearly shortened, but wider grille which covered the entire span of the front. This also marked the same time the company introduced air conditioning in their trucks.

The engines available for the Chevy trucks included the 135 horsepower 236 I6, 150 horsepower 260 I6 and 185 horsepower 283 V8. More changes would be effected on the trucks later in the Chevy truck series.

Chevy Apache’s Beautiful, Classic Look

This 1958 machine doesn’t have the modern look seen in many trucks now. It has that classic appearance that defined many vehicles from the early and mid 20th century. Chevy Apache has some style, some class, and a great appeal for those who love things that bear that classic vintage look.

It has signature exterior lines that speak to the Chevy releases of its time. Although it’s such a great machine to own, when you compare its look to that of modern designs like Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon and more, you get to understand exactly what period it’s coming from.

Keeping A Hold on The Chevy Apache

People hold on to their cars for various reasons. Some people are simply enthusiastic collectors who’re just hoarding anything and everything they ever owned.

Then we have people who hold on to automobiles because of the financial value they foresee. For example, owning an original car that was in limited release would mean a huge financial potential for motor vehicle shows.

But why would one want to specifically hold on to Chevy Apache?

Truth be told. When you get closer to Chevy Apache, you begin to see some interesting features that aren’t ordinarily available in our latest design of trucks. It boasts of that ancient design that is reminiscent of the mid 20th century.

That look means it comes with the memories of that period, the memories one wouldn’t want to let go of. Whether left in its original color or repainted and retouched, Chevy Apache still remains exactly what it was – a classic vehicle that demonstrates class and good taste.

And for that reason, many who owned it don’t want to let it go of it at all.

Besides its look, it also has manageable maintenance cost, which is something many people consider when purchasing a vehicle.

At the same time, it’s a performer, particularly when weighed against vehicles of its time. So for a casual user, Chevy Apache isn’t something they’d easily let go of if it hasn’t developed some serious mechanical issues.

Chevy Apache become over the more striking when you look at the sheer amount of metal used to make them, more specifically considering that modern type of small trucks are becoming lighter with every passing day.

It’s Strictly a Light Duty Truck

Chevy Apache hit the market as strictly a light duty truck. It wasn’t meant for carrying heavy loads or towing.

This compelled many users to use it for nothing more than commuting to work among other light duties. Of course, it could carry things and maybe tow where needed, but not for anything that was too heavy.

Because the company had the mid-duty Vikings and heavy-duty Spartan, users had the choice to pick from one of the three based on their needs.

Those who wanted a truck that would offer them a multiplicity of tasks went for the Spartan. It was in 1960 when the company started releasing the heavy-duty trucks in their numbers.

At How Much Is It Selling for Now?

Chevy Apache really sold back in the days and because it was a massive release, there are still so many of them in use today.

Some are still in their original state, while others have been modified to add in some modern functions. Either way, these vehicles are still serving very well on our roads.

Looking at the market, anyone who’d like to purchase a Chevy Apache will get a wide array of choices. Over the years, the price of this truck has continued to go down.

Not because the vehicle is bad, but because most of those who held on to their Chevy Apache didn’t quite take good care of them.

At the same time, this wasn’t a limited release vehicle, meaning they’re readily available in the market for anyone interested in buying one.

You can get a clean Chevy Apache for as little as $7,000. In fact, if you search well, you’d get one for less than that. At the same time, there are some that go for as high as $100,000.

But even as they sell for such figures, some of them have clearly been on our roads for decades, with one 1959 Chevy Apache even having 600,000 in miles covered so far.

What Do People Think About Chevy Apache?

There is no better way to ascertain the performance of a given product than by listening to users. Many users purchase vehicles, use them and whenever they get an opportunity to say something about it or simply give a review, they speak their hearts.

User reviews make it easier for those contemplating purchasing a given product to make a decision on whether or not to proceed with the purchase.

When it comes to Chevy Apache, there is a lot that has been said about this truck for years, from users to professionals in the auto industry.

From different portals, it’s clear that current users love that vintage look. People like that look that brings back memories. But then again, when you hit the road in that truck, your ride definitely stands out.

Besides the look, Chevy Apache has also been praised for its reliability when it comes to delivering service to the users. Users also believe that this vehicle is a great one in a number of other fronts, including fuel efficiency, maintenance cost, power and the design of its front seats.

The fact that it’s not a heavy-duty truck has seen many people lament its lack of back seats. If it had back seats, these users say, it could’ve been a great one for family.

Generally speaking, this small truck performs very well among users and clearly that’s why many people are trooping online to purchase it.

Thinking of Buying a Chevy Apache?

If by any chance you’re looking forward to buying a Chevy Apache, be sure to know exactly what to use it for so that it serves you right.

To this very day, there are people who still take their Chevy Apache trucks to motor vehicle shows and it always stands out. It’s something one would consider for fun and style, but not for any heavy duty works, otherwise there are several other small trucks out there made specifically for that purpose, and are modern.

When you scan through online platforms selling cars, you realize that the Chevy Apache is getting hits. People who’re not holding on to their trucks are selling them and, interestingly, people are buying.


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