Remote Control Submarine With Camera – Everything You Need To Know

Remote Control Submarine With Camera – Everything You Need To Know

Imagine launching a remote control submarine and watching it go underwater. And then you get to see view everything it “sees” with its camera. Sounds great, right?

That’s exactly what a remote control submarine with camera does!

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What’s It About?

An RC submarine is a miniaturized model of a full-size submarine. You steer it using a remote control transmitter which communicates with a receiver installed in the vessel.

Most RC submarines are owned by hobbyists. Others are used by oceanographers, the military or other professionals in complex projects.

For instance, an RC submarine with a camera would be useful to a wildlife filmmaker making a documentary on underwater marine life.

Radio Transmission in Water

High conductivity in a medium results in greater attenuation of the radio signal passing through it. For instance, water has high conductivity, and therefore, the signal passing through it is thinner and weaker than the one sent out by the transmitter through the air.

Pro tip: confine your vessel to lower frequencies. You see, high frequencies are more attenuated than lower frequencies. Also, these frequencies penetrate fresh water better than salty water.

To ensure transmission does not fail, RC submarines have plastic covered wires for their receiving aerial. This precaution ensures the antenna is insulated from the water.

Can You Lose Your Submarine Under Water?

You might if you lose total control of the vessel. Fortunately, several mechanisms have been put in place to ensure this does not happen. These are fail-safe systems which are quick to detect signal loss and command the vessel to resurface.

Another method is to have built-in sensors which limit the depth the submarine can attain. You will feel more in control if you know the vessel is within specified bounds.

Due to these extra features, RC submarines are costlier than other RC boats.

Tips On Use, Safety And Maintenance

  • Continuous use makes the sub heat up. Gradually, this overheating will eventually damage your vessel. So whenever you have to recharge its batteries, let it cool down for a while.
  • If you lose control of the sub, when it stops responding to your commands, try to move the transmitter closer. You might have to wade into the water to find the signal.
  • After use, dry it thoroughly and store it in a dry place. And if you have just come away from a round in salty water, do clean it with fresh water and a neutral base soap, and dry after. You don’t want your sub to start rusting, do you?
  • Always keep your propellers clear because things like thread, hair and string will wind themselves around them and slow down the sub.
  • Don’t take out your sub in rough weather: strong winds and large waves.
  • Do not submerge the submarine to depths below what the manufacturer prescribes. You could lose your sub if you do.
  • Avoid using the sub where there are weeds or debris.

Recommended Product: AquaBotix 8GB HydroView Remote Controlled Underwater Vehicle Video & HD Photos

If you are now intrigued by camera-wielding remote control submarines, let me suggest you consider the AquaBotix RC submarine with its 8gb memory card and high definition camera.

One of the sub’s defining features is its lightness and ease of movement. The engineers wanted it to resemble the smooth movements of fish and other marine creatures. So they built a submarine that moves lithely and swiftly through the water. It weighs less than 10 pounds.

You can use it to view fish, inspect the sea floor, check your baits, inspect your boat’s anchor, or just to entertain.

Key Features:​

  • It has LED lights.
  • It comes with an 8gb memory card.
  • It includes an HD camera.
  • It has a waterproof carrying case.
  • It comes with a topside box which produces Wi-Fi.
  • And it has a standard 75-foot cable. So that’s the maximum depth this submarine is supposed to attain.

So, I believe, you've read the whole article and understood what's a remote control submarine and which one you should be using.

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