RC Fishing Boat – What Is It and How Does It Work?

rc fishing boat

If you like fishing and RC boats, perhaps you have wondered how to combine the two hobbies. Ever heard of RC fishing boat or RC fishing? It’s the perfect way to catch as many fish as you can without physically casting a single line.

Fishing has never been this fun!

What is Remote Control Fishing?


Remote control fishing is the use of an RC boat that has been specifically designed for fishing purposes. These boats have a line, hook, and bait attached to them, so are similar to regular methods of fishing. RC fishing boats must be watertight in order for them to work efficiently and must also be able to withstand being pulled under the water by fish.

An RC fishing boat must be visible from a certain distance and so are usually produced in bright colors. Battery powered fishing boats are usually preferred over fuel powered ones. There are five main reasons for this and these are:


  • They use almost zero power when in idle mode
  • They are much simpler to maintain
  • They have better agility
  • They are quieter on the water
  • They don’t rely on oxygen in order to run

Is an RC Fishing Boat Legal in Your State?

Note that RC fishing is not legal in all states. The wording of the law in some states prohibits any fishing that gives you, the fisherman an unfair advantage and requires you to use your hands upon a fishing pole to reel in a fish rather than rely on a battery-powered boat to bring the fish to you. So do ensure you research your state’s say on the matter to ensure you don’t break the law.


How To Use an RC Fishing Boat


Some anglers use an RC fishing boat simply to just bait the water, whereas others use them to bait the water but also catch the fish. There are also underwater submarines available too which are like an underwater drone used for picking out the areas with the most fish.


Hook, Line, and Sinker


There are various ways to catch fish using an RC fishing boat. One of these ways is the attach a section of fishing line with a hook and bait. You then take the boat out onto the water and steer it to the desired location where you then leave it in idle mode and wait for a bite. You can also use this same method for trolling. The only downside to this method comes when a large fish becomes the catch. In this situation, the fish could pull the boat under and potentially cause some damage to it, especially if it remains submerged for a long time. Depending on the size of the fish, it may also be able to swim away with the boat still attached, in which case you would end up losing the boat altogether. This is the worst case scenario.


To help avoid the scenario above, it is worth looking at boats which have some kind of line release mechanism. With this type of boat, the line would disconnect when a fish strikes, and that leaves the angler free to reel in their catch regardless of the size.


There are many different ways to use a boat with a line release mechanism. Even the most skilled casting can come into some difficulties, especially in bad weather conditions. The use of an RC fishing boat allows you to dangle the bait in exactly the right spot for fishing, which is a great advantage.


Qualities of a Great RC Fishing Boat:


It should be watertight up to a certain depth.

Sooner or later your boat is going to tip over and be submerged in the water, especially if you are using it to fish. Imagine what would happen when a large fish bites your bait and then begins to swim deeper into the water. Most likely he will cause the boat to overturn and take it down with him into the water. The thing is, if water gets into your boat, it’s done for because the water will get into its internal parts and damage them. That’s why an RC fishing boat needs to be water tight up to a certain depth.

It should be visible from long distances

Imagine you are standing at the bank launching your boat. It moves swiftly and smoothly upon the water. But it goes out too far, and suddenly you can’t see it – all you see is the bobbing of waves. Try as you can, you can’t spot your boat. Or another scenario: it’s too far away for you to know if it has caught a fish. Ensure the boat you purchase is conspicuous even at long distances.

It should have enclosed propellers or small jets

If you are using the RC boat to fish, that means you are using it in a pond or lake. In these real-world conditions, your boat’s propellers may get damaged or temporarily rendered inactive.

Fishing lines, sea-grass, and debris will get entangled around the exposed propellers, preventing the RC boat from operating.

The rudder should be omitted or otherwise enclosed with propellers

The rudder is the primary control surface used to steer a vessel through the water. If your RC boat has two electric engines, the rudder can be omitted, and the boat will steer using electric motors.

It should have a low center of gravity

This enables the boat to be stable and better handle rough conditions such as bad weather, unruly waves, and strong wind.

It should be a monohull

There are several types of RC boats, depending on the shape of the hull, and these include the monohull, the hydroplane, and the catamaran. Monohulls closely resemble most full-sized boats – they have a single body which forms a V shape. Monohulls are the best RC boat type because of their superior stability in rough waters. They are also extremely agile and can move quickly in any direction.

Monohull RC boats with their low center of gravity can position themselves properly even after being upside down. And if they are water tight, they can resume operating at once. Catamaran RC fishing boats, on the other hand, though stable, cannot return to their proper position on their own. The point is that regardless of hull type, an RC fishing boat’s hull should be strong, durable and watertight and able to withstand hits and impacts with boats, debris, or rocks.


The Best Methods of RC Fishing:

In truth, RC fishing methods are only limited by the imagination of fishermen. Fishermen are always searching for new ways to make fishing more efficient and easier to do. So the various RC fishing methods include:

Permanently attaching the fishing line to the RC boat

In this method, a part of the fishing line and baited hook are attached to the RC boat. You use a remote control to position the bait in the location you intend to fish in, and then wait for a fish to strike. You could also use this method to troll. The only problem is that if you hook a big fish, it might pull the RC boat underwater. This method is outlawed in many states, though.

Line release mechanism

First, you attach a line release mechanism to the RC boat. Next, you attach the line/hook and rather than cast the line, you drive the line out using the RC boat. And every time a fish strikes, the line will disconnect, and you will reel in the fish using a regular fishing pole. One significant advantage of this method is that it allows you to catch fish of any size. It’s also worth mentioning that even states which have outlawed RC fishing allow this method. That’s because the primary task of reeling in the fish is still done manually, using your hands, holding a fishing pole.

Use line release mechanism to cast the line

The third method is similar to the second, but with a twist. First, you equip the RC fishing boat with a line release mechanism. And when the boat reaches the spot you want to fish in, you release the line by striking the fishing rod or using a remote command. You then retrieve your boat using the remote control and continue fishing the old fashioned way.


Other uses of an RC fishing boat:

To search for and locate game fish

By installing a fish finder on board, you can use the RC fishing boat to search and locate game fish while standing at the shore or in an anchored boat. The fish finder sends data to a receiving station. However, this is rather expensive, and more so if you are working with longer ranges.

To troll

Trolling is a fishing method where you draw one or more fishing lines (baited with lures or bait fish) through the water. These lines are attached to the RC boat, which moves across the water while you wait at the shore or in the anchored boat.

Here’s a video that shows how fishing boat works:

Final thoughts


RC Fishing Boat: Conclusion

That’s all you need to know about an RC fishing boat. You can purchase one from a hobbyist shop or online stores like Amazon. You could also custom build one – that is, convert the traditional RC boat you already own into an RC fishing boat. This all depends on your personal preference, your budget, and your skills as both a DIY hobbyist and an angler.

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