Top 10 Best RC Tank – Reviews and Buying Guide

best rc tank reviews

You didn’t bump into this post by accident. We know the popularity of the best RC tank keeps rising each day.

And you’re probably looking to buy one for yourself. Because you also want to wage a war sitting from the comfort of your sofa.

Doesn’t that sound thrilling already?

Not only are these fun loaded device incredibly easy to use, control, but they also offer uninterrupted fun to your entire family.

The market has all sorts of RC tanks. Some can spit fire, smoke, produce engine running sounds, cannon firing sounds, and so much more.

When it comes to choosing the right model for you, it all boils down to what your intentions are.

Whatever you want an RC tank for, we have researched and compiled the ultimate list of the10 most popular RC tanks that will meet your needs and fantasies…



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[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”160″ identifier=”B00IUC2G7U” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”160″]

Cheerwing 1:72 German Tiger I Panzer Tank Remote Control Mini RC tank

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[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”125″ identifier=”B0096EGFGO” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”140″]

iPlay RC Battling Tanks -Set of 2 Full-Size Infrared Radio Remote Control Battle Tanks

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[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”115″ identifier=”B00AAU8WNW” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”160″]

M1A2 Abrams USA Battle Tank RC 16″ Airsoft Military Vehicle

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[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”123″ identifier=”B00AAU5KVO” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”160″]

Defense Force TYPE 90 Japan Battle Tank

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[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”120″ identifier=”B000O3REMA” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”160″]

German Leopard II A5 Main Battle Tank RC Airsoft Radio Control 1/24 MBT

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Top 10 Best RC Tank Picks:

1. Cheerwing 1:72 German Tiger I Panzer Tank Remote Control Mini RC tank Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00IUC2G7U” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”500″]

If you’re looking for a cheap with a pack of excellent features, then the German Tiger I Panzer Tank Remote Control Mini RC tank is the product to take home today. Since it’s the replica of the German Tiger 1 panzer (at a scale of 1:72), this RC tanks lets you take charge of YOUR OWN German Tiger 1 Panzer. Exciting, right?

Performa wise, this is one of the best RC tanks you’ll ever find. It provides you with the super speed button on its controller which plays a huge role in improving its overall speed. To make the tank look more lifelike, its turrets turns at 360 degrees in all direction. And as the turret moves, the gun barrel will rise and go down!

The best moments arrive when you engage the fire button. Wanna know what happens? Well, the tank responds with sounds of the canon firing as the tanks entire body recoils backward. Totally impressive!!

The tank runs from a built-in rechargeable 3.7V 110mAh battery. This gives you a period of 15 minutes playtime to enjoy the mind-blowing gaming experience we’ve just described above.

The charging duration is approx. 1 hour.

Unlike most of the RC tanks out there, the German Tiger quickly traverses through carpets, tiles, everywhere! Heck, even pet hairs don’t seem to affect its movement!

Being an extremely compact model, you’ll easily carry it with you wherever you go.

Highlighted Fuctions:​

  • A replica of the real German Tiger in scale 1:72-360 degrees rotating turret
  • Can turn right, left, forward, and backward with light
  • Tank size: 90 x 50 x 40mm
  • Powered by built-in rechargeable 3.7V 110mAh battery
  • You can use the remote control to charge the tank
  • Gun barrel moves up and down
  • Comes integrated with sound

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2. iPlay RC Battling Tanks -Set of 2 Full-Size Infrared Radio Remote Control Battle Tanks Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”395″ identifier=”B0096EGFGO” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”450″]

Here’s a set of two infrared battle tanks that you need to wage war with right now! Yes, they come in a set of tow (at the same price tag), giving you an opportunity to face your opponent with infrared power. In other words, it’s the perfect RC tank set for you and your spouse/child t battle each other with the infrared power.

Similar to the other RC tanks/products, this model is controlled by a transmitter that lets you quickly rotate the gun and fire cannon- just as the real-life tank does!

This is how the battle occurs: Once you fire at your opponent, your tank roars and releases an infrared beam signal that attacks your target. On hitting the “enemy,” their tanks gets destroyed (relax, not destroying in a sensible manner; destroying here means that it indicates flashing lights to alert you that you have hit the target.

Besides the above simulations, the tanks also produce realistic machine gun, canons, and engine sounds, letting you enjoy the moment to the fullest.

Every time you get hit by your enemy, you lose a full life size of about 30cm lengthwise. Polishing your firing skills has never gotten this better! Life has never been this fun!

​Highlighted Functions:

  • Complete package comprises a brand new set of two IR battle tanks
  • Comes with two rechargeable 4.8V NI-CD battery
  • 2 AC wall chargers and user manual included
  • Supports universal spin
  • Barrels rises/lowers at 30 degrees
  • The turret that turns at 360 degrees
  • Comes with infrared combat functions and automatic demonstration function
  • Two infrared laser battle tanks included
  • Two full function controllers

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3. M1A2 Abrams USA Battle Tank RC 16″ Airsoft Military Vehicle Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”250″ identifier=”B00AAU8WNW” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”500″]

Remember the great USA M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank? It’s interesting that you can now control it and fight with it, thanks to its replica- the M1A2 Abrams USA Battle Tank RC 16″ Airsoft Military Vehicle. At its price, its 1/24 scale detailing is super-impressive!

But this model has more to offer than its great looks and an array of colors, including the desert camouflage. It features a cool 75-foot firing range. What’s more, it comes with a turret not only turns to both sides but also goes up and down to ease your aiming.

As an Airsoft tank, it utilizes the 6mm BB bullets. You’ll get a bag of these when you buy your M1A2 Abrams USA Battle RC Tank. Cool deal, right?

Amazingly, the tank can move forward, backward and spin to mimic the real life military tanks. As if that’s not enough, it produces realistic recoil action and firing sounds when you fire cannons to let you get the real-life experience.

Opening the box makes you want to smile. Not because the tank is quite attractive, but because you get everything you need to charge in the battlefield (including all the tank and remote batteries!).

Note that the tank charge for around 15 minutes only, after which it takes on any battle for up t0 20 minutes- a longer runtime compared to what other models offer.

Highlighted Functions:​

  • Replica of the M1A2 Abrams USA battle tank (scale 1:24)
  • Simulative canon and engine sound
  • Recoil action when you fire the canon
  • Shoots 6mm BB bullet; the hatch loads up to 50 bullets
  • Features a high-gripping caterpillar
  • Rquipped with multiple speed control
  • Dimension: 16″L x 6″W x 5″H

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4. Defense Force TYPE 90 Japan Battle Tank Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”333″ identifier=”B00AAU5KVO” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”500″]

Let me take you all the way to Japan… The type 90 battle tank we’re about to discuss below here was designed by the Mitsubishi Industries in the years 1990-2009. Needless to mention, these acted as the main battle tanks of Japan Ground defense forces. Today, this RC carries the Type 90’s legacy on with its simulative features, excellent performance, and so much more.

The 1:24 scale model exhibits the backward, forward, left right, spin and even super spin movements- just like the real Type 90 did! What’s more, it even climbs a bit, with a climbing gradient of up to 35 degrees.

The turret you see in this tank does what you’d expect it to do. It turns up, down (at an angle of 30 degrees) and even moves sideways (at an angle of 360 degrees). With a firing range of up to 75 feet, there’s no way your friend can hide from the onslaught. With a remote range of up to 60 feet, you can easily chase your opponent with this tank.

Primarily, the tank is designed from durable plastic and features a superb detailing, whose quality surpasses its price tag. Measuring 16” W x 8.5” H, you can easily transport this tank to any location. And unlike most of the RC tanks out there, it comes with a playtime of up to 60 minutes (or an hour!).

Did I mention that the remote it’s programmable?

Highlighted Functions:​

  • Replica of the Type 90 Japan Battle Tank
  • Full function remote control battle tank
  • Cmes equipped with the motor air gun
  • Maximum firing range extends to around 25m
  • Turret turns to both sides and goes up and down
  • Has an All Driving wheels suspension system
  • High Gripping Caterpillar included
  • Running Time: a whopping 60 minutes/1 hour
  • Movements: Backward, Forward, Spin, and Superspin
  • Rechargeable battery for the tank, remote batteries, AC charger, and radio controller included

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5. German Leopard II A5 Main Battle Tank RC Airsoft Radio Control 1/24 MBT Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”240″ identifier=”B000O3REMA” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”500″]

German Leopard II A5 Main Battle Tank RC Airsoft Radio Control also perfectly fits the class of action-packed RC tanks, with its impressive features and A+ performance. As the name suggest, this is a replica of the original Leopard II A5 Main Battle tank that served the German army in the Afghan war.

The multi-channel remote controls one of the top features you’ll love in this package… mainly because you can easily program it, facilitating maximum customization. It allows you to control your tank in any way you wish. Whether it’s backward, forward, left, right, spin (and super spin it), and so on!

It comes with a remote control range of over 60 feet, meaning you can still control your tank even when it’s over 60 feet from you. When it comes to firing, you’ll enjoy a range of up to 75 feet. Translated into simpler words, it means you can fire at a target as far as 135 feet from where you stand!

The turret has a turning angle of 320 degrees, allowing you to turn on all sides as you shoot. Plus it shows up and down at an angle of 30 degrees for the best shooting experience.

Inside the package, you’ll get the tanks rechargeable battery, RC charger, and a bag of bullets.

The runtime extends to an hour when the tank is fully charged, so you’ll enjoy this excellent action for longer than you thought.

​Highlighted Functions:

  • Multi-channel, programmable remote control
  • Seven-way movements: backward, forward, right, left, spin, and super spin
  • Powerful motor airsoft gun; hop-up system
  • Comes factory fully pre-assembled; ready to run
  • Control range of up to 60 feet
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6. Remote Control 2.4Ghz 1/16 Scale US M1A2 Abrams Air Soft RC Battle Tank Smoke:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”347″ identifier=”B00YDZ0DBE” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”500″]

Wait! Another replica to of the US M1A2 Abrams Tank? Yes, it is! Straight from Media Tech, this RC tanks comes as the improved version of the previous model from the same manufacturer. It features a 1:16 scale that’s fully custom painted. It befits the class of the best large scale RC tanks.

One of the tanks most impressive features lies in its New 2.4GHz radio system. This allows you to enjoy the conventional 2.4GHz spectrum technology with powerful functions like automatic identification, strong ant—jamming, precise code pairing, and ability to let over 20 tanks run simultaneously.

Like most other models, it can move backward, accelerating speed backward, forward, accelerating speed forward, and rotate. On top of it all, its barrel can raise/lower at an angle of 30 degrees. And its turret can turn 320 degrees.

Action time! The main gun fires BB bullets as far as 25 meters! So, no way your enemy is escaping this battle! Besides, the tank produces lifelike machine gun, engine, and Cannonball sounds to amplify the gaming experience.

Highlighted Functions:​

  • Full-scale R/C function
  • Simulative motor startup sounds
  • Turrets turns to either side at an angle of 320 degrees
  • The barrel moves up and down at 30 degrees
  • Ability to climb at a maximum gradient of around 35 degrees
  • Ready to run model
  • New 2.4GHz system enhances handling, functionality, and reach characteristics

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7. HengLong German Porsche Turret KingTiger Tank Air Soft RC Battle Tank Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”325″ identifier=”B00ABF5VYY” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”500″]

We have discussed the German Tiger I a little earlier. And now this is the German Tiger II- you can guess that the experience will get better with this one! Now, this awesome RC tank represents the real-life German Tiger II heavy tank that was produced between the years 1945-1945. It’s a 1:16 scale model and features the original tank’s signature camouflage painting.

As a bonus, the tanks come hand painted and totally customized to satisfy your aesthetic needs. But that’s not the coolest deal in it yet…

The RC tank features sounds and smoke simulations for the engine noise and cannon firing respectively. That’s absolutely a true definition of a moment for life gaming experience! Things keep getting better in this tank…it lets you upgrade the rubber tracks to metal ones. And that means a better performance as the metal tracks won’t easily slide off compared to the rubber ones.

With a turret that moves in all directions and a barrel that raises and lower to mimic the real one, you’ve not excuse as to why this isn’t the real RC tank you’ve been waiting for.

“An exceptional RC tank!” You think. But we’re not done yet…

It also features the in-fashion 2.4GHz radio technology that effectively eliminates anti-jamming issues. Meaning, you can handle up to 20 tanks simultaneously. So, prepare for the war of titans.

Highlighted Functions:​

  • Full-scale RC function
  • Lifelike motor startup sound
  • Maximum turret side turning angle: approximately 320 degrees
  • Barrels raises and lowers at 30 degrees
  • Maximum climbing gradient of up to 35 degrees
  • New 2.4GHz technology for better handling, functionality, and reach
  • Ready to run model; everything included including the batteries

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8. Tamiya Models MK.IV Male Motorized WWI British RC Tank:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”333″ identifier=”B00KGMT6AC” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”500″]

The MK.IV Male Motorized WWI British RC Tank reminds us of the original British tank that graced the first world war. Let me take you back to history a little… In around 1917, thousands of the MK.IV Motorized WWI British Tanks were produced.

A “Male” variant was also designed with the intention of crashing through the enemy lines. Besides the machine guns, it also utilized the large 6-pounder guns for the ultimate action.

In the present day, we have our MK.IV Male Motorized British RC Tank that matches the male variant in all aspects. The durable plastic model that comes motorized to allow a dynamic forward motion. It also features metal sprockets that help transmit the motor power for efficient functionality.

It comes with moving link type assembly tracks that enhance its realism as well as simplified construction.

Because the motor and gearbox come pre-assembled, you won’t have much assembling job to do to get the tank rolling.

Highlighted Functions:​

  • 1/35 scale armor
  • Pre-assembled single motor gearbox promotes forward movement
  • Chains on the unditching beam depicted using durable metal parts
  • Runs on 1 R6/AA/UM3 battery (not included)
  • 3 marking options

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9. Radio Controlled M1A2 Abrams Tank Forces RC Toys:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”378″ identifier=”B0046FSWFK” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”500″]

The M1A2 Abrams Tank Forces RC is state of the art, highly mobile and heavily armored battle tank designed with the modern armored ground warfare in mind. The manufacturers, XQ Toys, perfectly captured the essence of USA M1A2 Abrams in this highly detailed 1/24 scale RC tank.

Under its sophisticated composite armor, you’ll discover a powerful gas turbine engine. This is powered by the JP8 jet fuel and enables the RC tank to move at an exceptional speed.

The package comes equipped with a full function RC system that lets you control its direction, turret position, barrel position, and even the integrated sound effects.

To make the tank more authentic, the manufacturer set it such that it spits cannon fires, machine gun fire, turret movement, engine sounds, recoil action, working lights. All these team up to give you unmatched realism (and make you feel like you’re in the real battlefield).

Highlighted Functions:​

  • Rurret rotates 330 degrees; the main gun moves up/down
  • Highly detailed all over
  • Meant for indoor use only
  • Weathered finish, sound effects, and working lights
  • Dimensions: 420mm L x 150mm W x 120mm H
  • Requires 6 AA batteries for the tank and 4 AA batteries for the transmitter

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10. Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0093285XK” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”500″]

Good news! We reserved the smartest RC tank for the last position… Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank is a faster and smarter rover that goes where no other app-controlled tanks have ever gone before. The Rover comes fully prepared to undertake any mission you have at hand- from searching new forms of life, capturing night-vision photos and videos, and communication via two-way audio.

The rover generates its own Wi-Fi connection for your mobile device. The best part is that it can travel for distances as far as 200 ft. when there is no obstruction. In the case of obstacles- like moving around walls or into other rooms- it can travel as far as 100ft.

Navigation is pretty easy for this model… Yu can easily sight through its onboard camera, thanks to the on-screen driving controls. What’s more, you can navigate by the G-Drive Mode- where you use your device’s accelerometer as the steering wheel for more fantastic, realistic adventures!

You can also utilize the route memory to set this RC tank to record your favorite routes and repeat them at your command.

Highlighted Functions:​

  • Drive it with your iPad, iPod touch device, iPhone, or with Android smartphones/tablets
  • Built-in night vision lets you see in the dark
  • Stream and record live videos as well as stills and share them on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter right from the app
  • Wireless range of up to 200ft. unobstructed; 100ft. around walls and other rooms
  • Listen to the sound from the tank travels and also transmit your own audios through the integrated speaker
  • Wide-angle lens easily capture most of the surroundings
  • Uses 6 AA batteries (not included)
  • Perfect for ages 14v years and above
  • Free App from Google Play and iTunes App Store

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What People Look For Before Getting an RC Tank?

Selecting the best RC tank depends on a few things that I’m about to discuss with you below:

Airsoft Vs IR RC Tanks

As you might have noted, the market offers you types of tanks- the Airsoft and IR tanks. The IR utilizes the infrared technology to register hits and comes equipped with full-fledged battle systems that hit your RC tank and disables it as it gets more and more hits.

While you can also use the Airsoft tanks in a fight, I’d advise you to go for the IR models if the battle is your priority.


As you’ve seen above, RC tanks can either be powered by gas, fuel electricity or batteries. It’s, therefore, important to look at the type pf power the model you intend to buy uses.

Besides, ensure you check the charging period and runtime period of the tank. A typical RC tanks take about an hour to charge and have a runtime o 15-30 minutes.

Radio Controls

Different models come with radio controls of various functionalities and capabilities. Some might comprise a single channel; others might feature several based on the tank capabilities.

Some feature only one-speed setting; others have several features e.g. 4-way independent settings. You might also find some bearing light and sound effects that match with the laser hits and cannon fires.

In general, ensure you understand the functionalities of any RC before you buy it. If you prefer a more standard control, then consider going for one setting.

If you’re looking for a tank to wage a serious battle with, ensure it comes with an advanced remote control, with advanced settings to increase your chances of winning.


The movement of different parts of your RC tank- including the barrel, turret, grade, etc. – dictates the level of fun you’ll get from the model.

From our reviews above, you can see that all the top models come with barrels that rotate for a more realistic experience. Moreover, they exhibit turning, spinning, and climbing capabilities.

The turrets of various top models tend to turn on either side at angles ranging from 330-360 degrees.

Their barrels too tend to raise and lower at angles between 20 and 30 degrees. This can help determine how far your cannon fire will reach (if your tank comes with firing capabilities).

Does your RC tank come with movable parts?

Sounds (and other realistic features)

Let’s face the truth- one of the main reason why we buy/love RC tanks is because we want to replicate and enjoy the vehicle without necessarily spending thousands of dollars.

And one way to make this happen is buying an RC tank that comes packed with realistic features. You’ll find RC tanks that produce smoke, make a sound when shooting, and demonstrate recoil on the barrel.

So, based on your desires and budget, you’d be able to obtain an RC tank that features the realistic aspects you’re looking for.

Shooting Capabilities

It’s also good to consider the shooting capabilities of the tank you’re eyeing. But this will heavily depend on the intended use of the rank.

If you’re simply a hobbyist looking for a tank to roam around while shooting targets, this factor might not be important.

However, if you’re looking for a tank to battle with, then you’ve got to look for one that comes with the best shooting capabilities.

That being said, you’ll find tanks with different shooting capabilities. Some are capable of shooting the real airsoft BB’s for more realistic adventures.

Can an RC Tank Shoot?

We’ve just discussed this in the previous section, under the shooting capability of the RC tank as a factor to consider when making a purchase.

And if I’m not wrong, you’d want an RC tank that shoots if you want to engage in a serious battle.

Lucky for you, the market has such RC tanks- tanks that can shoot.

These are mainly the Airsoft models that tend to shoot the 6mm BB pellets at different ranges (depending on the model).

However, it’s important to note that if you’re buying the RC tank for younger users, you might want to consider tanks that don’t sue the real BBs for safety issues.

How To Make Your Own RC Truck Tracks?

So you have an RC truck but have no fun place to drive it in?

Don’t worry. In this part, I’ll show you how you can come up with simple, fun backward tracks your truck(s) in three easy steps.

First, you’ll need to equip yourself with these tools and materials:

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Shovel
  • Rake
  • Maddox/pickaxe
  • Cutter for roots/wheels
  • Strong back and gloves
  • Dirt tamper
  • Dirt/sand; depending on the base of your track
  • 4” PVC drain pipe
  • 12” rebar stakes
  • 4×4 pieces of wood for jumps and baking turns

Steps To Follow:

1. Prepare Your Site

Select a place with no weed, trees, rocks, etc., to minimize the time it might take you to remove all these objects to make it a nice flat area.

Next, measure and map the course you prefer. You can get some excellent ideas here.

Depending on your site bottom, you might also consider adding some sad to make it lighter and improve its drainage.

2. Lay out your site (and build it up)

Roughly lay out the drainage pipes as well as the 4×4 wood pieces in the corners. Be sure to stake down the wood and pipe as you go. A foot of rebar will do for each stake.

Also, depending on the number of cars you wish to use and size of each car, consider making the width of your track at least 5 feet.

You can also customize your tracks to include tunnels, special shortcuts, dirt jumps- you can add anything you wish.

Rake the site smooth one more time and proceed to the final step…

3. Adding details and racing

Your race tracks would definitely need some name and sign. You can use coroboard, PVC, and a sharpie to come up with one. Just print your preferred name on a piece of paper, cut it out carefully, and trace it on the sign. Fill in using a sharpie and attach the sign to a PVC with the help of zip ties.

You’ll need to design a grandstand and add some jumps and bumps.

That’s it! Start racing your RC trucks on your complete backyard tracks.

Note: While this is not a professional level course, it’s a good standard your kids will definitely love it!

Final Verdict

I’ve just taken you through the ten most popular RC tanks on the current market. While all these tanks come with attractive price tags, they have the best quality you’ve ever got. Their performance in the battlefield leaves you awed.

The main features shared among all the ten tanks above include ease of use, durability, affordability, realistic features, better mobility, and lengthy runtimes.

Which model did you pick? Which model did you feel will meet all your gaming fantasies?

I know you’ve already picked your best RC tank from this list.

Now place your order today to start enjoying the thrilling adventures it comes with.

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