Top 10 Outside Toys for Preschoolers

outdoor toys for preeschoolers

Preschoolers love to be in the great outdoors. My three year old would like outside from sunrise until sunset if we let him. Here are ten of his favorite toys to play with while we are outside.

1. Bubbles

bubbles for preeschoolers

What’s not to like about bubbles? Just take a bottle and blow some into the wind and watch your preschooler chase them. They are great fun to try to pop, or to watch and see how far they will fly around before they hit something and burst.

2. Sidewalk Chalk

Let your child show their creative side all over the pavement with some sidewalk chalk. You may even find yourself joining in and drawing on the ground.

3. Balls

There are so many different ways to play with outside balls. Kids like to kick soccer balls, hit baseballs, shoot hoops with basketballs, and throw footballs. It is a wonderfully fun way to get exercise also. You can also find simple playground balls in different colors or with favorite characters on them.

4. Riding Toys

Riding toys are a big hit with most kids. Some favorites include tricycles or bicycles, scooters, and cars that run by foot. There are also battery operated vehicles which will allow kids to move a bit faster.

5. Toy Vehicles

Boys especially enjoy toy vehicles, although don’t discourage girls from joining in on the fun too. Many kids enjoy driving cars, trains, and construction vehicles through the grass and dirt. It’s also fun to make little tracks through the dirt and race the vehicles.

6. Push/pull Toys

Toys that can be pushed or pulled around the yard can bring a lot of imagination to outside play. Some favorites are toy lawnmowers, shopping carts, wagons, and doll strollers. Kids think it is fun to be able to pretend to mow the lawn or take their stuffed animals for a walk around the backyard.

7. Slide

There is just something amusing about climbing up a few steps, sliding back down to the ground, and running around to climb up and do it all again. Slides are appealing to kids of all ages.

8. Sandbox

A sandbox full of sand and a few tools will keep a preschooler busy for a long time. The freedom to create in the sand, scoop it up with a shovel, fill a bucket with it, and drive little toy vehicles through it is a favorite activity for many young kids.

9. Jars or Buckets

Give a preschooler a container and let them store their outside treasures for the day. They will collect pebbles, leaves, tiny flowers, and anything else they think is interesting. Then at the end of the day you can empty it out and it is ready for another day of collecting.

10. Water Toys

Water can bring the most summer outside fun for a preschooler. They can play in a wading pool, run through a sprinkler, explore with a water table, or simply have fun with mom or dad and the garden hose. It is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy the summer sun.

Spending time outside with your preschoolers can be fun and full of exploration and adventure. Always make sure that you as the parent take the time to get down on their level and don’t be afraid to join in on the fun. You will be making many wonderful memories for both you and your children.

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