Make a Difference by Donating Toys to Charity

donate toys

Most hospitals have set apart a wing for pediatrics. The wing mostly has children diagnosed with major health problems or terminal diseases. These children are prone to feeling depressed with all the machines surrounding them and the fact that they are away from their families.

You need to find out if the hospital accepts toy donations. To donate appropriate toys you need to find out the children’s’ ages. All this information is available through a simple phone call.
You can also contact the churches in your area.

Churches are always involved with giving to the needy in the society. The particular church denomination does not matter, simply call any local church and ask them for names of less fortunate families that have children.

The church can also help in delivering the toy donations, simply give them the donations and they will ensure that it gets to someone who needs them.

Look out for holiday toy drives.

During the holiday season, the media stations advertise their charity drives.

The most popular of this drives is the Toys for Tot. Toys and not Tears is also another toy drive. In most cases, they will have drop boxes located at convenient locations such as to allow anyone with small toy donations to drop their donations.

A drop off point would include local post office or supermarkets. In case your donation includes huge toys say a dollhouse then you can call the organization organizing the event and ask for details on how to drop your donation.

Motorcycle clubs are one of the chief promoters of children toy runs. Each year motorcycle clubs around the country organize toy runs. In this toy runs, instead of the rider paying charges for participating, they are required to bring a toy instead. The other organizations that also organize their own runs include; government organizations, police department, and the fire department.

Toys have a special way of bringing out beautiful smiles on the children’s’ faces and providing them with long periods of enjoyment.

These effects of toys are independent of the child’s age. It’s only during the holidays that children get to receive toy gifts but it can be very satisfying to donate toys throughout the year. You only need to look up a phone number and call to be able to find a local agency.

Take the honorable step, donate toys and give a child a reason to smile.

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