Pool Party for Your Kids: Do’s and Don’ts

Pool Party for Your Kids: Do’s and Don’ts

What memories from your childhood are you most fond of? I don’t know about you, but for me it’s the parties. Singing and dancing and laughing and eating. Aah, I get déjà vu just writing that down.

But the parties from my childhood I cherish most are pool parties at one of my friend’s house. She was the only kid on our block whose parents had a pool.

You could do the same for your children, and give them an unforgettable experience. Plan a pool party that they will never forget.

But where does one start? And what things should one avoid?


Clean the Pool

The pool should be clean. But make sure you don’t overload it with chemicals. This might cause irritation for the kids’ eyes and skin. Remember that kids are far more delicate than you or me. So don’t go overboard chlorinating your pool. Chemicals in pools have been known to add a hue of green to people with light-colored hair (imagine the horror of the other parents).

When the time of the party has almost arrived, make the pool guest-ready by vacuuming and skimming it to get rid of debris or insects floating on the surface.

Get Some Pool Toys

Toys are a must-have. Kids love playing, and pool toys will make the fun levels rise several notches higher. I am talking volleyballs, floatation devices, water guns, remote control boat for pool and so forth.

But that doesn’t mean you should overload the pool with stuff. You want to arrange it in such a way that there are pool toys to play with, and still space enough for the kids to swim in freely.

Keep the Refreshments Flowing

Prepare adequate snacks and refreshments for your guests. Remember the kids’ parents are also coming to the party. So you should be prepared with food and drink for the kids and their parents.

Food and drink are the fuel for any party, even a pool party for little kids. So have sandwiches, juice, or whatever your guests like.

Remember that some of the kids and their parents might be allergic to the food and drinks you have set aside for the party. You could call the parents in advance and find out if any of them are allergic.

It’s also a good idea to have some vegetarian snacks and refreshments available. It’s highly likely that at least one of two the parents are vegan (or are on a vegan diet).

Provide Fun Activities Even for those not Swimming

A pool party is not just about the fun in the water. It’s also about the fun you have when you come out of the water. Besides, not all the kids will be swimming. Some kids may not know how to swim.

So set up some fun activities to keep everyone busy. Have games for those in the water, and games for those out of it.

You and your kids can have fun coming up with ideas for games they will love.

Decorate the Place

Kids are visual beings. They are open to changes in their surroundings, sensitive, and aware of little things which adults don’t notice. They appreciate the little things. So make sure you have decorated the place appropriately.

Choose a good kid party theme. You want the party to have atmosphere. So the kids can have fun even when they are sitting still after tiring from swimming and playing.

What good kid pool party themes can you think of? You can turn the decorating process into a bonding experience with your kids. Challenge their creativity, and see what nice ideas they will come up with – you will be pleasantly surprised.

Put Safety First

Anything can happen at a pool party. The last thing you want is for an incident to occur, and find yourself unprepared. So make sure you have a first-aid kit handy.

The kids should only swim in the shallow end of the pool.

And have someone watch them – I will elaborate this point further in the don’ts.


Don’t Provide Junk Food Only

Sure, kids love to have a pizza and hamburgers just as much as adults. But don’t get carried away providing only the food your kids want!

It’s a party, and it would be “lame” if you forced broccoli on them, but it’s important that you have healthy food at the party too. Yes, by all means, stock up on sodas and potato chips. But you should also have some fruits handy.

Ask yourself, “What fruits do kids love?” Bananas, apples, nuts – there is no reason healthy eating can’t be fun!

Don’t Leave the Kids Unattended

Pool parties are always risky affairs. And when it’s a pool party for kids, the risk factor hits the roof. You should therefore not take any chances. Have at least one or two individuals, excellent swimmers, at hand to act as lifeguards. It could be you – but you will probably be too busy making sure everyone is having a swell time, so it’s wiser to find someone else take up this role.

If you can’t find a friend or relative who will take up this role, consider hiring a private lifeguard. The person who takes this role should be an excellent swimmer and have first-aid and CPR training.

The lifeguard should spend the entire time keeping his eyes focused on the swimmers. He or she should be super alert to avoid any incident that might put a damper on the fun.

Don’t Forget the Music!

And finally, of course, no party is complete without music. Even a kid’s party. Ask your kids which songs are hot at the moment. Kids have different tastes, and so it would be a dull party if you organized the playlist yourself, only to find the children consider your selection lame.

So collaborate with your children in coming up with a great playlist. It will be a fun and eye-opening experience for both you and the kids.

Final Verdict

The main thing you should consider is the safety of the kids. At all times, remember that pools are dangerous and anything can go wrong. That’s why you should have someone act as a lifeguard during the party to watch the kids at every moment.

But of course it’s a party, and you should keep the atmosphere as light-hearted as possible. Just follow these do’s and don’ts and the kids will have a super time at their pool party.

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