How to Measure an Exhaust Pipe

Having a powerful engine is every driver’s dream. However, most cars come with conventional exhaust pipes which do not add anything to their engine. A custom exhaust can help add the needed horsepower to your engine. However, for you to install one, you need to know the exact size of the exhaust pipe.

Also, every car’s exhaust system varies, and an estimate may not help if you need a repair. You’ll need to know the size of the exhaust pipe.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to measure an exhaust pipe.

Things You’ll Need

Before you begin to measure the size of an exhaust pipe, you need to have some materials like

  • Carjack stands
  • A car jack
  • A caliper or micrometer

Steps to Measure an Exhaust Pipe

Follow these steps to measure an exhaust pipe.

Lift Your Vehicle

You need to lift the car using a jack to access the exhaust pipe. Use the jack stands to secure the vehicle. Ensure that you have ample space for you to crawl under the car.

Find the Exhaust Pipe and Use the Caliper

Go underneath the car and find the exhaust pipe. Once you find the exhaust pipe, take a caliper and position it straight into the exhaust tubing mouth. Close the calipers until it’s in contact with the inside surface of your exhaust pipe.

Take the Measurements

Some calipers have a dial gauge while others have a digital gauge. The measurement will be the number on your gauge rounded to the next quarter. When using a tape measure, wrap it around the pipe and divide the measurement by 3.14 to get the external diameter.

Measure the exhaust wall thickness and subtract this from the external diameter measurement to get the internal diameter. This is the measurement used by manufacturers when selling the exhaust pipes.

Tips and Warnings When Measuring an Exhaust Pipe

The best tool to use when measuring an exhaust pipe is the caliper. Avoid measuring the exhaust when it’s hot as this can lead to severe burns and other injuries. Always wear protective glasses to prevent dust and rust from falling in your eyes. Do not forget to use a ramp or jack stands if you need to elevate the car to measure the exhaust pipe.

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