How to Make an Exhaust Silencer

Sometimes the exhaust can get too loud which can be irritating not only to you but also to others around you. At this point, you need to install an exhaust silencer. While most auto shops have silencers to fit any car model and make, you can save money by custom making a silencer.

Here’s how exhaust silencers work and how to make one.

How Exhaust Silencers Work

An exhaust silencer’s work is to reduce noise. Sound waves and frequencies work efficiently, such that when you insert a bung into an exhaust’s main opening and extending the length of the pipe cancels out sound waves.

The waves hit the end of the silencer, as the engine releases waves that hit the player with a tiny exhaust hole. The extended pipe is smaller which creates extra pressure, forcing the exhaust out of the tube. A silencer also cancels out the low frequency which makes the exhaust high-pitched and raspy as well as making the exhaust quieter.

An exhaust silencer also cleans the exhaust gases with the help of a catalytic converter. The exhaust has a bulge at the end which provides a larger cavity for the exhaust gases to flow. It’s critical to note that the silencer won’t make your exhaust silent, but it will be quieter.

Steps to Make an Exhaust Silencer

To get started, you’ll need a nail, drill, drill bit, and steel wool.

Drill a hole at the top of your exhauster near the end. Note that the hole should be tiny that can only fit a nail. The size of the nail determines the size drill bit to use. Place some steel wool at the end of the exhaust.

Stuffing more steel wool makes the exhaust quieter. Plug the exhaust well as any space near the steel wool will let noise and exhaust escape. Any exhaust should go through the steel wool.

Put a nail through the hole in the top of the exhaust, ensure that it fits snugly. Push the nail all the way, until it gets to the steel wool, but do not spoil the steel wool. The nail should hold the steel wool in place to prevent it from flying out of the exhaust.

Follow the above steps to make an exhaust silencer. This will not only save you money, but it will also make your exhaust quieter than it was before.

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