Educational Toys: Everything You Need To Know

Educational Toys: Everything You Need To Know

Getting the best education toy(s) for your kids makes learning easy and fun! Whether they’re about colors, numbers, construction, coding, fine art, words, etc. - these toys instill the much-needed abilities and skills in your kid's mind while giving them the real pleasure.

Sometimes, they’d even jump in to enforce a skill that your kid have already mastered.

However, before you go on a shopping trip for some educational toys for your kid, you need to know some top facts about these “treasures” for your child.

Grab a chair and give me your attention as I take you through everything you need to know about educational toys.

Before we get so deep into our topic, I want to ensure you know exactly what we’re talking about to avoid unnecessary confusion…

What are educational toys? If you haven’t yet figured out, I’ll explain it to you in simple words:

Educational toys are playthings aimed at helping kids have laughter, fun, and enjoyment while learning new skills and abilities or improving their already acquired skills.

That is, educational toys helps kids quickly and easily learn about themselves as well as their surroundings.

The modern day educational toys come with smart designs such that their feel, colors, shapes, interactions, and the way kids handle/play with them encourage them to utilize certain mental and physical actions.

Now you’re informed…so we move on

How do educational toys help your kids learn new things/skills?

As we’ve just stated earlier, these unique toys help bring out a given response from your child. And that action is the important skill that your kid desperately need to learn and master in their formative years.

This helps them gain a broad range of capabilities.

Needless to mention, the more your kid plays with these toys, the stronger their brain neural pathway will grow…and the faster they’ll become better at any given skill!

If you choose your kid’s toys correctly, they’ll help them develop:

  • Physical capabilities
  • Mental/cognitive skills
  • Language skills
  • Social skills

Sounds amazing, right? I know you’re overexcited to discover that your little one can learn so many things from simple toys while having the best moments of their life!

But don’t celebrate yet,

You have a responsibly to play to ensure your kid gets the most out of these toys…it’s not a hard task though…it’s all about picking the right toy for your children and I’ll show you exactly how to do that next.

How To Pick The Best Education Toys For:

1. Infants

We start with the best infant education toys. And that means age 1 to 24 months…bear in mind that they should meet two top requirements: they must bring fun to your kid while helping them learn some skill.

Ages 0-3, you need to get them soft toys to help stimulate their senses, they should also come with different textures to help them feel different surfaces. Their eyes too need to be “activated” by mobiles.

Hearing and listening skills can be gained through rattles, chime toys, squeeze toys, etc. Above all, consider activity mats to help improve their physical abilities as well as motor skills.

If your kid is about 3-6 months old, you still need to give them education toys with different textures to help them learn how different things feel.

Activity centers also work perfect for this age bracket. And considering that they’re teething at this stage, don’t forget to include some teething toys on your list. To further enhance their listening/hearing skills, buy them musical toys. This is also the right stage to buy them brightly colored board books to help improve their visions.

6-9-month-old infants have unconditional love for musical toys, activity toys/boxes/stations/mats.

Building blocks will help them learn about stability and what happens once they destabilize the blocks. Toys like balls, push toys will encourage your kid to crawl or walk respectively. And if they’re already crawling/walking, buy them the pull toys.

When your baby hits 9-12 months, be sure to see him saying a few word and even walking. And that marks the perfect time to buy the education toys like musical toys, activity cubes, cloth or board books, wooden blocks, simple puzzle toys, plush toys, balls, and water and building toys.

At the age of 12-24 months, things can diverse now…you’d now want to introduce them to more advanced puzzles, toy telephones (to mimic what he/she sees the adults do). Also, consider buying toys your kid can push/pull/ride in to promote motor skills which are quite important at this age.

2. Toddlers

At a toddler stage, your child diverts their interest in simple construction toys…I know you’ve already witnessed this. This helps them develop hand and finger skills (which will help prepare them for writing at school).

That being said, construction educational toys comprises of anything that your kid can safely put apart and then assemble- e.g. magnetic blocks, Duplo blocks, snap cubes, geometric blocks, etc.

They toddlers also need to acquire some good learning skills; so it’s good that you buy him/her some puzzles at this stage.

Here’s a quick guide for selecting the right toy puzzle for your kid:

  • 3 yrs. - around 2 pieces
  • 4 yrs. - around 3 pieces
  • 5 yrs. - about 20 pieces
  • 6 yrs. - your kill will truly guide you

NOTE: As you go about picking a toy for your kid, ensure you only pick the right and safe toys [link the other guide] to ensure they’re safe as they use them around the house.

Final Verdict

It’s amazing how you can make your kids have the best moments in their childhood while helping them learn new skills and abilities in their formative stages. All this has been made possible by the educational toys that fill the market today.

This guide will help you discover some important things about educational toys and how to pick the right ones for your kids.

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