How to Choose the Right Dog Toys for Your Dog

How to Choose the Right Dog Toys for Your Dog

Dogs are our best friends. No words can describe the pure pleasure of playing fetch with your dog, watching him grow, having a fun time with him.

And that’s why you should get a good dog toy for him. Dog toys come in different shapes, sizes, and types. But how can you choose the best for your best friend?

I will tell you.

Consider the Available Types of Dog Toys:

There are different types of dog toys:

Plush dog toys

Plush dog toys have a fleecy, plush fabric. They are excellent toys to play fetch with. Also, for the dog to carry around with or to snuggle with.

They retain the dog’s scent which makes them excellent to play with for an extended period. And if they have squeakers, your dog will have an even more enjoyable time.

Rubber dog toys

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, get him a rubber toy. They provide jaw and mouth exercise for chewing dogs. It will keep your dog occupied for extended periods.

Plus, they are sturdy and durable. And if they are hollow, you can hide treats inside to spice up the fun.

Rope dog toys

These are ideal for playing fetch, tug games, or plain old fetch. They also provide chewing exercise for your dog’s gums and teeth. And they are durable.

Rawhide chews and bones

These will help keep your dogs entertained and occupied for an extended period. They are also great for your dog’s teeth as they help remove plaque to keep them cleaner. It’s also possible to get them in varying flavors, shapes, and sizes.

So you can provide a variety of choices for your dog to make him happy.

However, note that when your dog chews rawhides, they can soften and may even end up sticking in your dog’s throat. So be wise.

Bone-hard toys and chews

These are also excellent for chewers. They make a dog’s teeth stronger and cleaner because they help remove plaque, and they are not abrasive.

They will come in handy if you are looking for a toy that will pleasurably divert your dog. Different sizes and flavors are available.

If Your Dog is Picky

Some dogs are picky about their toys. They are finicky about things like the feel or size of their toys.

If you have such a dog, observe him. Study his behavior, and see what kinds of activities he likes to engage in. You see, there are different types of dog toys for different dogs.

If your dog enjoys chewing, get him a chew toy to work those overactive jaws of his. If your dog is hyperactive and loves bounding around with high energy, get him flying discs or bouncing balls, interactive toys that will feed his need for vigorous activity.

And if you have one of those cute dogs that love to snuggle with pillows, get him soft, cuddly dog toys for him to cuddle with.

Some pups have curious, inquisitive minds. Such dogs will be best served with a puzzle toy.

Find out which type of dog toy your dog loves, and buy it for him. You might have to experiment for a while before you find out his favorite toy. So be patient. You will eventually discover what your pet’s favorite toy is.


When shopping for your dog’s play thing, keep his age in mind; especially if it’s a little pup.

For instance, a pup that’s only three weeks old will still have his baby teeth. That means his teeth can’t handle harder toys. So for the young puppy, buy toys made of soft rubber or plush fabrics.

Puppies teeth from between three to nine months. After he has teethed, you should get him some harder rubber toys. At that age, the dog will have boundless energy, so balls and rope toys are also appropriate.

At around seven years of age, your dog is old and may have lost the jaw and tooth strength he had in his youthful days. So give him softer chew toys.

You will find a variety of choices available, depending on the age of your pet.

Size and Texture of the Toy

Smaller dogs are unlikely to chew the same toys as bigger dogs with similar ease. The small dogs need toys which their small jaws can handle.

But that doesn’t mean you should get a toy that is super soft. When the toy is too soft, your pet can easily break into pieces which it might swallow. Your pet might even choke on one of these pieces. This would result in gastrointestinal blockages.

Should you notice that your dog’s toy has begun to look damaged, it’s time to replace it. This is when you find a squeaker has broken or there is a tear in the fabric or stuffing of the dog toy.


You could get your dog a ball. Balls are always a welcome plaything for our canine friends. There are rubber balls, plush balls, tennis balls, squeaker balls, foam balls, and so forth.

Using the criteria I have already explained in previous points, choose the appropriate ball for your dog.

Note that different balls bounce differently. There are some balls which glow in the dark – ideal if you tend to play a lot at night with your pet. Some float on the water – ideal for a dog which likes swimming.

When you choose a ball, make sure it is made from durable material to prevent your dog from chewing it to tiny bits and choking on them.

Balls are the classic dog toy and are great fun for both you and your pet. You will have fun, playing fetch, watching him run back and forth, chasing the ball, and bringing it to you.

Final Verdict

Choosing the right dog toy is not difficult. All you need is to understand your dog. What does he like? Also, consider how old he is, or how big he is. And the size or texture of the toy.

After that, it’s down to personal choice. Choose the dog toy that will suit both you and your dog. For instance, if you like swimming with your dog, get him a ball that floats!

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