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Top Eight Truck Bed Air Mattresses

Truck bed air mattresses are made specifically to fit in trucks. Manufacturers make mattresses in queen, full, and Full XL sizes to suit all types of truck beds. Some mattresses also fit SUVs and vans. You can choose from truck air mattresses with corded pumps or rechargeable pumps. Storage bags are usually included. Truck bed air […]

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What is an Exhaust Resonator?

When it comes to cars and exhaust, most people will mention the catalytic converter, header, and the muffler. However, the exhaust resonator is something only a few recognize. Also, often, people mistake the resonator with a muffler, but these two have different functions in a vehicle’s exhaust system. Here’s a look at what an exhaust […]

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How Hot Does an Exhaust Manifold Get?

Exhaust manifolds are made of cast iron, and it works by picking up exhaust gases from the cylinders and transports them to the exhaust pipe. The temperature of a manifold is observed to find out if the engine has a problem or to switch off the motor automatically. With this data, a mechanic can deliver […]

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How to Measure an Exhaust Pipe

Having a powerful engine is every driver’s dream. However, most cars come with conventional exhaust pipes which do not add anything to their engine. A custom exhaust can help add the needed horsepower to your engine. However, for you to install one, you need to know the exact size of the exhaust pipe. Also, every […]

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How to Make an Exhaust Silencer

Sometimes the exhaust can get too loud which can be irritating not only to you but also to others around you. At this point, you need to install an exhaust silencer. While most auto shops have silencers to fit any car model and make, you can save money by custom making a silencer. Here’s how […]

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