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Best Diesel Truck: Top 10 Affordable Options

Are you looking for the best diesel truck for you? Look no further, this article highlights everything you need to know about finding the right diesel truck at an affordable price! For many people, there’s almost an instant association between trucks and gasoline. When we think of trucks, we think about powerful engines and designs […]

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Spotlight: 1970 Chevy Truck Classic Series

The 1970 Chevy truck is a classic among the pickups that were manufactured between 1963 and 1972. There were several different designs and changes within those years, and every one of them led to a new design that would become iconic later on down the line.Earlier designs from the 1950s had been coined the Advance […]

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Trucker Spotlight: The 57 Chevy Truck Model Flaunted

Chevy – it’s a name that has become so synonymous with quality pickup trucks that people naturally associate the name and logo with a powerful payload capacity and a strong engine.And they should. Chevy has gained the trust of consumers not just through clever marketing campaigns, but from their willingness to stick to winning formulas […]

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