Spotlight: 1980 Chevy Truck

When the middle of the sixties rolled around, trucks were used simply as work vehicles, but Chevrolet wanted to change this concept and create a more functional truck that could be used for more than just hauling and carrying large loads. There came the 1980 Chevy Truck. With a goal to create a less ‘truck-y’… Continue reading Spotlight: 1980 Chevy Truck

Spotlight: A Look At The 1956 Chevy Truck and Why It’s A Great Addition

For many people, there is no better vehicle than a pickup truck. It has the look that exudes characteristics like rugged and durable. This has helped it become a prime means of transportation for the American working class. The rugged and durable nature isn’t just aesthetic, either. The pickup truck is designed to hold up… Continue reading Spotlight: A Look At The 1956 Chevy Truck and Why It’s A Great Addition

Spotlight: 1972 Chevy Truck

In the mid-1960s when it was acceptable, or rather normal, for trucks to be nothing more than barebones workhorses, Chevrolet set out to revolutionize the segment by producing a line of less “trucky” pickups. The idea was to offer a series of trucks that would grab market share from competing offerings from rivals such as… Continue reading Spotlight: 1972 Chevy Truck

Spotlight: 1957 Chevy Truck

Few things are more nostalgic than classic cars and trucks. Seemingly better built than the vehicles on the road today, antique vehicles harken to a different era when styling and construction mattered. Perhaps the most iconic vintage pickup is the 1957 Chevy truck.   While no author hates writing about classic cars, it is a… Continue reading Spotlight: 1957 Chevy Truck