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Remote Control Submarine With Camera – Everything You Need To Know

Imagine launching a remote control submarine and watching it go underwater. And then you get to see view everything it “sees” with its camera. Sounds great, right?That’s exactly what a remote control submarine with camera does!Wanna hear more about it?Great!Here we go:What’s It About?An RC submarine is a miniaturized model of a full-size submarine. You […]

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How Does a RC Boat Work? Things You Should Know

So you want to get into RC boating? Remote-controlled (or radio-controlled) boats are controlled remotely using radio control equipment. Types include electric sports boats, model sailboats, scale boats, and model combat warships.First, let’s shine a spotlight on an RC boat’s various components:TransmitterThe transmitter is a control box you hold in your hand that turns your […]

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