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Best Chess Book That You Must Read

I’ve heard and read this questions countless times:“How do I start playing chess?” Or “How do I improve my game?” from aspiring and advanced gamers.My stock answer:Grab a quality chess book and read it line by line. Period! I’ve never seen another medium with so clear and easy to understand illustrations and examples of this […]

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How to Make Ceramic Chess Pieces?

If you don’t want to use a regular chess set and want to make your own ceramic chess pieces than this is the right guide for you.Forming the Chess PiecesTo start, you will need to divide your clay into smaller pieces that will eventually be carved into the individual game pieces. The chess game pieces […]

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Emanuel Lasker, Longest-Reigning World Chess Champion

Two long-dead candidates’ names continue to stir discussion. One is American Paul Morphy (1837-84), who never was awarded the stature many believe he deserved. The other is Emanuel Lasker, the German who held the official world championship much longer than any other player in history.Lasker’s Emergence as a Leading Chess ChallengerLasker was born 24 December, […]

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A Guide to Algebraic Chess Notation

The Chess Pieces in Algebraic NotationK – the KingQ – the QueenR – a RookB – a BishopN – a Knight (as K is taken by the King)Pawns were initially referred to as P, but are more commonly simply noted by their position, as explained below.Movement of Piecesin ChessIn algebraic notation, it is sufficient to […]

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12 Best Chess Sets – Reviews and Buying Guide 2018

Select Content Template Chess is one of the most played games, with no age restrictions, and a fun way to pass the time!It gets even better when you think of the valuable life skills it instills in you as a player- like critical thinking, patience, strategy, reward ratio, among others.As you continue enjoying this game, […]

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