How To Build an Awesome Steam Boat At Home?

How To Build an Awesome Steam Boat At Home?

Today, you don’t have to spend some cash on the best steam boat on the market in order to enjoy using it.

Rather, you can just make a simple model at home-and with cheap materials- that functions just as great as the store-bought models.

The process is fairly simple, and does not require you to posse ay special skills.

Things you’ll need for the project:

  • Bottle-
  • Foam
  • Razor knife
  • Aerial
  • Tin snips
  • Aluminum foil

Here’s the video with all the steps you need to follow to come up with a steam boat:

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Abeera Amir - October 3, 2017

I really loved this video and the best part of making a steam boat is that aal the things required to make this boat will be easly available at the market and at a cheap price. Such kinds of videos (showing easy home-made projects for students) must be put up on youtube


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