Top 5 Best RC Sailboat Reviews Of This Year! (Expert Opinion)

Top 5 Best RC Sailboat Reviews Of This Year! (Expert Opinion)

If you’re awed by the beauty of the sea, ocean or lakes, going for a sailing trip has been one of your interests.

For the best experience, you must undoubtedly have the best RC sailboat before setting for a sail.

Lucky for you, you won’t miss out on choosing one as I have some top recommendations that will put you at ease.

Wait a moment…What is an RC sailboat? Got no clue?

Let me explain a bit…

What Is An RC Sailboat?

RC sailboats are well known for their unique and captivating features. The initials stand for Radio controlled, meaning that they are typically controlled via a multi-channel radio transmitter with a corresponding receiver in the boat.

By changing the position of the joysticks on the transmitter, signals are sent over two separate channels on a single radio frequency. On the boat, the radio receiver is connected to two battery-powered electric motors or servos.

Signals from the radio transmitter are then interpreted by the radio receiver and translated into instructions to change the position of the servos. One servo controls the position of both main and jib sails together while the other the position of the rudder.

With this in mind, let me give you a breakdown of our best picks for RC sailboats on the market today…

Our 5 Best RC sailboat Picks:

1. POCO DIVO Sailing Boat 2.4Ghz Compass RG65 Class Competition Sailboat Review:

A beginner hobbyists? The RG65 Class Competition Sailboat from POCO DIVO provides you a great start with its unique features, design, and ease of use. Moreover, this sailboat can meet all the needs of avid sailors, not to forget that it’s built according to the RG65 competition specifications.

The sailboat comes fully preassembled and requires a little, simple assembly touch to hit the waters. As an RTR (ready-to-run), expect to find everything needed to run it in its package. The ONLY things you’ll have to look for are the 8xAA receiver and transmitter batteries.

Have you checked the boat's hull already?

It comes with such a fantastic design that makes its competitors fade in comparison. Besides great looks, it also features a blow-molded ABS plastic which gives it the extra strength and durability to endure all the hardships and maintain its shape for longer than its rivals.

Because the models come with an incredibly compact size, it’s easier to use. Furthermore, it offers you more option as you can conveniently run it in relatively smaller water bodies without any struggles.

Above all, the compact size advocates for enhanced portability, easy transportation.

Awesome Features:​

  • Utilizes the 2.4 GHz spread spectrum technology for faster reaction speed, minimized power consumption, and enhanced anti-interference ability.
  • Perfect intermediate level hobby sailboat
  • Wind power RC sailboat
  • 650mm; ideal for the RG65 competition
  • Perfect size for fun and transport
  • Waterproof design for the electric equipment
  • Bears durable and smooth ABS molding

2. Kyosho Seawind 1-Meter RC Racing Yacht Vehicle Review:

Appearing second on our list of the most popular sailboats is the Kyosho’s Seawind 1-Meter RC Racing Yacht Vehicle.

Like all the other Kyosho yachts and sailboats, this particular model comes with a great design that lasts for ages. Plus it can match the other top-rated RC sailboats regarding style and performance.

One of the most impressive features you’ll get from this sailboat is the 2.4GHz R/C system, integrated into it. This not only saves you a great deal of time but makes playing the sport worthwhile.

What will take you by surprise in this model is that you can quickly detach its parts- the ballast, keel, and rudder. This qualifies it as one of the best RC sailboats for long distance transportation. Note that you don’t need any tool to detach or reassemble the sailboat- your hands are all you need.

With a super strong mast and boom, you can bet on this model to stand the test of time, as it’s the case with all the other Kyosho products.

Awesome Features:​

  • Ready set RC sailboat
  • Utilizes the 2.4GHz RC system
  • Comes with an extruded, high strength aluminum mast and boom
  • Lets you detach the mast, ballast, keel and rudder for easy transportation
  • Features pre-cut, sewn spin cloth main, jib sails

3. Joysway V4 Dragon Force RC Sailboat Review:

Our list couldn’t be complete without a product from Josyway- a company that has built a huge fan base in the world of sailboats with its top-quality sailboats. All the products that come from this company have attention grabbing looks and lean on the lower edge of the cost bar. One of the products that clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of this company is the V4 Dragon Force RC Sailboat.

Many things in this product will take your breath away. Look at the 2.4GHz radio technology and the RG65 class rigging. Need we say that this is the boat to use when competing against models that come with price tags ten times this one?

What’s even more alluring about this sailboat is the beautifully designed, yet sturdy (ABS modeled) hull. As if that’s not enough, the manufacturer adds a greater dose of robustness and handiness with the molded plastic rudder and aluminum fins.

The electric powered sailboat comes fully assembled. Meaning you just need to take it out of the box and head to your nearby/favorite waterbody for a fantastic sailing experience.

As a reminder, don't get surprised when you check the price tag of this model that’s way too low compared to its features. It’s just a way of Joysway expressing their generosity to their customers.

Awesome Features:​

  • Sturdy ABS model hull
  • Extremely lightweight sailboat, at only 5.2 pounds, for easy transport
  • Ready to run sailboat; no assembly required
  • RG65 class rigging
  • Pre-installed 2.4GHz radio technology

4. HobbyKing RC Sailboat Phantom Review:

When you hear a sailboat from HobbyKing, you need to let out your smile. Why? Because they love RC products just like you do… and that’s why designed this high-performance RC Sailboat Phantom sailboat for you.

If you were in my shoes, you’d start by describing what draws your attention to this sailboat from where you stand.

I mean the bright colors it comes with. If you’ve ever lost the sight of your sailboat after sailing it for distances way from you, you’d want to avoid that today by investing in this boat whose colors ensure you can see it even when its miles away. This results in better control of your sailboat.

Far from the bright colors, you’ll also like the robustness the boats comes with, having been made from sturdy fiberglass with a durable gel coat. On top of this, it features an enamel painted carbon fiber effect finish that gives it a look your eyeballs can’t roll away from.

If you invest in this boat today, you will get the best in terms of performance. Even when sailing in stiff breezes, this ship still manages to do what its rivals fail to- moving at a fast speed, turning rapidly- giving you that exciting experience you yearn for.

All the items needed to get the sailboat moving in the waters comes pre-installed: from the steering servo to the mainsail winch, and all the rigging and sail hardware. You only need to add your own receiver and battery to start sailing!

Awesome Features:​

  • Carbon fiber effect finish gives the boat an alluring look
  • Bright colors ensures you don’t lose vision of your sailboat
  • Comes pre-installed and ready to run; receiver and battery not included
  • Durable fiberglass construction

5. Golden Bright Full Function Radio Control Boat Vehicle Review:

If you’re looking for a stylish and engaging sailboat while still minding an excellent performance, you have to give the. Golden Bright Full Function Radio Control Boat Vehicle a try. With a range of up to 160 ft., this boat can go just anywhere. And with the ability to sail in all directions, it can go everywhere!

Have you checked its pricing already? It’s way too low, right? But don’t let this fool you. The boat has more to offer for such a little amount.

It comes with a highly reliable radio control set which lets you easily operate it within a range as high as 160 ft., meaning you can cover areas you’ve never covered with most of the other RC sailboats before.

As a bonus, the boat allows you to maneuver it in all directions, to give you a more lifelike sail experience.

As a narrow band frequency rates boat, you should expect the best performance you ever had in an RC sailboat.

Besides the technical aspect, the boat always fairs pretty well in terms of aesthetics. It comes with a highly detailed design (at a scale of 1:25) The bright red color that spreads all over the boat body ensures you can always locate it, even when its sailing miles away.

Since the manufacturers recommend this ship for ages 8 years and above, it apparently means that all ages will have great fun with it.

  • Motor included for unlimited sailing fun
  • Runs on one 9V and 4AA batteries (not included)
  • Assembly required
  • Highly detailed RC sailboat in red
  • Full function range extends to 160 sq. ft.
  • Ideal for ages eight years and above

RC Sailing Boats: What You Must know

At times RC sailing ships it can be difficult to choose. This is because you have to determine such things as the type of sailboat to start with, how to set it up and how to best enjoy it in water.

Below are some of the points you should consider while choosing an RC sailing boat…

1. Size

Figure out the size that you want, now that RC boats come in various sizes.

Don’t make a mistake many people do- going for the biggest sailboats. These tend to be more fragile than the compact models and tend to break more easily.

Just go for the smaller models, as they have a higher degree of robustness. Plus they’re easier to ferry to your sailing location.

2. Kit Vs RtR

Decide whether you want to build your own kit or you want to buy the ones that are pre-assembled and ready to ride.

3. Features

Figure out the features you want on your sailboat. These include such features as the hull build, the weight, functions, etc. Sails meant for competition must have more strong and quality features compared to those made for play or luxury.

4. Cost

Of course, your budget will decide what kind of boat you will buy. The more expensive the boat, the more features it likely has and the more durable it is likely to be.

5. Follow The Rule of Classes

One more thing that will lead you to the perfect sailboat that meets all your requirements is paying attention to the class of the boat you plan to buy.

Don’t get me wrong. When I say class, I don’t mean how great, beautiful a vessel looks or how cheap or expensive it is. No. sailboats exist in distinct sailboats.

Before I explain this point further, ask yourself why you want to buy an RC sailboat.

For competition, fun?

If you’re looking for the perfect boat to enter into a sailing competition with, then make sure it meets the race requirements. We have the 50/800 (or the Marblehead class) as the largest class of sailboats.

What if you’re looking for an RC sailboat just to have some fun? In such a situation, you’d better stick to the Star45 class.

Final Verdict

Whether going for a thrilling escapade overseas or the experience of a lifetime, you can never go wrong with any of the five sailboats recommended above.

Peace is not found in a calmer storm but a better boat! You need to search no further for you are assured of the highest quality of sailboats in the market.

They are all reliable in the stormiest of storms and are all undeniably easy to assemble.

Have you found one to help your dreams set sail?

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