Top 10 Best Jack Stands – Reviews Of Affordable Ones (2018)

best jack stand reviews

The story of the 37-year old dad of 9 who was crushed to death underneath his car gives me goosebumps up to date. The reports indicated that the man had lifted his Lexus in his driveway with only a scissors floor jack. And as he was busy repairing it, the jack toppled over and his car’s weight crushed him to death. What if he used one of the best jack stands to hold his Lexus at the desired height? I believe he’d have successfully repaired it without the occurrence of such a painful, traumatizing event.

Now, I don’t want the same tragedy to befall you and rob you of your gift of life. So, I’m going to share with you my list of the 10 best, affordable car jack stands that guarantees your safety below.

Let’s dive right in:

Image Name Editor’s Rating Price
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Torin Big Red T42002 Steel Jack Stands

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[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”160″ identifier=”B00026Z3E0″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”126″]

Torin Big Red T43002A Double Locking Steel Jack Stands

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[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”160″ identifier=”B003ULZGFU” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”160″]

Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand

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Cartman 3 Ton Jack Stands

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[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”160″ identifier=”B000760FX4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”98″]

Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack Jack Stand

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What’s a Jack Stand?

A jack stand is an absolute necessity for any automotive owner, driver or mechanic!

It offers you a SAFE, fixed support where your raised car can rest after the jack is done lifting it.

Because this handy tool comes with an adjustable height design, you can easily extend it to match the lift height of your car. And unlike the car jack, the stand has close to zero chances of failing when in use.

A standard jack stand comes with an A-shaped/wider base for the highest level of stability. You’d also expect it to feature a ratcheting post (connected to the platform where your car rests) and a ratchet handle system.

For maximum safety, most stands allow you to extend them upward freely, but when you want to lower them, you have to disengage the ratchet system first.

Besides, you can’t accidentally disengage the ratcheting when the stand is under load…and if you must do it, you need to loft the weight of your car with your hands first (which is 100% impossible).

This makes these tools extremely useful in preventing car jack related accidents.

I know you don’t want to be a victim of getting crushed under a 4-ton weight of your car…so, be sure to arm yourself with any of the affordable jack stands I’m going to recommend to you below…

10 Best Jack Stands Reviews:

1. Torin Big Red T42002 Steel Jack Stands Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0028JQYPG” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”341″]

Sold in pairs, the Torin Big Red T42002 Steel Jack Stands come specially designed and dedicated to keep you safe. They come with a weight rating of 4,000 lbs. which excellently supports your vehicle, allowing you to do your job safely and easily.

As Torin products, these stands come with a high-grade steel constriction that promote their strength and longevity. They utilize a single piece self-locking, multi-position iron ratchet bar that allows you to make more precise adjustments.

And the fact that they come with an extended support range of 10-13/16in. to 16-1/2in., means you can always work with your desired light height.

Thanks to the saddle’s bigger surface area, these stand make a better contact with your load, taking the stability level a step higher. The welded frame design further enhances the stands’ durability.

And the overall model design of the stands obey the set industry standards for quality and durability.

Highlighted features:

  • check2-ton lift capacity
  • checkHigh-grade steel construction
  • checkMeets the set industry standards for quality and durability
  • checkLarge saddle surface area for better surface contact with your vehicle
  • checkSingle piece self-locking ratchet iron bar for precise adjustments
  • checkWelded frame design for extra durability
  • checkObeys the ASME PALD standards
  • checkSold in pairs for extra support and stability

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2. Torin Big Red T43002A Double Locking Steel Jack Stands Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00026Z3E0″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”393″]

Torin offers you another top-quality pair of jack stands at an affordable price. The Big Red T43002A Double Locking Steel Jack Stands also come in a pair so that you can enjoy extra support and stability (and of course, extra safety) when repairing your vehicle.

It comes with a total lift capacity of 3-ton, making it ideal for lifting a wide range of cars, including the heavy-duty models.Like the previous Torin, this one too comes features a high-grade steel construction which meets the set quality and durability standards.

It also boats a Patented Double Lock Technology that includes safety pins for extra safety, security when getting the job done underneath your car.

You’ll also like the high support range it offers you- extending from Support Range 11-1/4in. to 16-3/4in. to allow you to choose your preferred height easily…and thanks to its single piece, self-locking, cast iron ratchet system, making precise adjustments becomes as easy as pie.

Other things worth mentioning in this stand include the extended saddle surface area which enables it to make a better contact with your vehicle. Like all the other top-rated jack stands, this pair also meets the ASME PALD standards.

Highlighted features:

  • checkMade from high-grade steel
  • checkPatented double lock technology
  • checkSingle piece self-locking iron ratchet system
  • checkExtended saddle surface area for increased support
  • checkMeets the ASME PALD standards
  • check3-ton lift capacity
  • checkshipped in pairs

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3. Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B003ULZGFU” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”500″]

The Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand is unlike all the other stands models that made it to this list. It features a unique, patented design that puts together a car jack and jack stand in one model. This means that you can invest in this unit as both a jack and a stand!The Powerbuilt model comes fully designed to meet all the required standards for tools, making it one of the most reliable stands/jacks on the market right now.

It boasts a high weight capacity of 3-ton, ranking it among the models that are suitable for lifting all the heavy vehicles in your garage. These include the off-road vehicles to SUVs, construction equipment, farming machinery, etc.It offers you a significant height range of 11 to 21 inches, making it easy for you to set your desired height when repairing your vehicle. And when you reach your desired height, you can easily use the safety bar to lock the stand at that height to allow for safety, hassle-free working.

The wider steel base further enhances better stability and safety of the unit.

Highlighted features:

  • checkBuilt to exceed the set tool standards
  • checkPatented design combining car jack and jack stand in one model
  • checkWider steel base for better stability
  • check3-ton weight capacity
  • checkSafety bar for easily locking the unit at your desired height
  • checkHeight range: 11 inch to 21 inch

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4. Cartman 3 Ton Jack Stands Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”497″ identifier=”B00RFCDN6O” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”500″]

This is probably the most irresistible deal we have so far…two heavy-duty steel car jack stands for a fairly low price! The Cartman 3 Ton Jack Stands pair will offer you maximum protection while increasing your production when underneath your vehicle. It’s built to last and will serve you for many, many generations.

I find many similarities between this Cartman stand and the Torin stands. For example, it features the double locking pawl and tooth design which has a reputation for providing the much needed safety when working under a vehicle. Plus it features a single piece, multi-position ductile ratchet bar for extra strength and durability.

The quick adjustment mechanism securely locks the jack into position for extra safety. Like other quality stands, this Cartman comes with a 3-ton load capacity that suits it for supporting the heavy-duty vehicles- like SUVs, trucks, industrial construction equipment, and so on.

Highlighted features:

  • checkHeavy duty steel construction
  • checkSold in pairs at a low price
  • checkMeets/exceeds the ANSI requirements
  • check278mm to 425mm height range
  • checkOne-piece, multi-position ductile ratchet
  • checkQuick adjustment mechanism

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5. Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack Jack Stand Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B000760FX4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”305″]

Camco has also come up with a jack stand that will enable you to get underneath your and conduct quick and safe repairs and maintenance. The manufacturer ships this stand in pairs, so you’d be able to deploy both of them for maximum safety.

The highly affordable pair of stands comes with a lift capacity rating of 3-ton each. This makes the stands another ideal choice for folks and mechanics who usually work with heavier trucks.

I’m assuming that you’ll be using both jacks, so you’ll enjoy a total support of 6-ton, which is clearly more than enough to keep your car stable and minimizes toppling incidences.

The extremely easy to use jacks allows you to adjust them from as low as 11 inches to as high as 17 inches. This means you can easily select your desired working height without any issues.

The wider base design further enhances the stability (and safety) of these stands. And the cast aluminum makes them extremely durable and lightweight.

Highlighted features:

  • checkSold in pair
  • checkEach jack stand supports 3-ton load
  • checkAdjustable from 11 to 17 inches
  • checkEasy to use
  • checkMade from cast aluminum

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6. Craftsman 9-50163 4 Ton Jack Stand Pair Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01M5G90F6″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”500″]

The Craftsman 9-50163 4 Ton Jack Stand Pair also comes fully designed to meet your car support needs, eliminating the chances of fatal accidents that happen when you solely rely on your car jack to support your car.

It’s a solidly built stand- constructed from sturdy stamped steel- and comes in a pair, just like our previous stand.

To start with, this is an excellent stand for supporting the heavy-duty vehicles and machineries. This is evident from its 4-ton capacity weight rating…meaning that deploying both models would offer you extra support, stability and safety.

Unlike the cheaply designed stands out there, this unit comes with a wider base design which further facilitates its stability and safety. Moreover, it comes with the pawl locks that are also intended for enhancing security and safety.

The pair features an easy height adjustment mechanism to let you easily adjust it to your preferred lift height and securely lock it in. At only 18 lbs., this is a lightweight stand that you can easily carry in your cat trunk.

Like all the other models that featured on this list, the pair meets the ANSI/PALD standards.

Highlighted features:

  • checkConstructed from sturdy stamped steel
  • checkEasy height adjustment mechanism
  • checkPawl locks for extra security and safety
  • checkMeets the ANSI/PALD standards
  • checkLightweight design, at only 18.04lbs
  • check4-ton capacity; sold in pairs

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7. Powerzone 380035 2 Ton Steel Jack Stand Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”460″ identifier=”B003UM7APS” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”500″]

For years, Powerzone has won the hearts of many for coming up with automotive tool and accessories with A+ performance and unbeatable quality. And for only a few bucks, you can become a proud owner of their top-rated jack stands today- the Powerzone 380035 2 Ton Steel Jack Stand.

After you’ve successfully raised your vehicle with your jack, you can put the two stands into positions to introduce several points of contacts that minimizes the chances of your car toppling and crushing you down.

Each of the stands has a weight capacity of 2-ton, so you can use it to lift small to medium-sized cars reliably and safely. Besides, it grants you a lift height that extends from 10 inches to 16 inches for increased versatility.

These stands boast of high convenient ratcheting style locking bar. This allows easy multi-position height adjustment. The entire jack frame is made of high-grade steel for longevity. The design involves a wider base that boosts the stand’s stability (and hence your safety).

Highlighted features:

  • checkLoad capacity: 2-ton
  • checkLift range: 10-3/8 inch to 16-3/8 inch
  • checkHeavy-duty steel construction
  • checkWider base design for extra strength and durability
  • checkRatchet style locking mechanism
  • checkComes in a pair

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8. Torin Big Red T43004 Double Locking Aluminum Jack Stands Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0007XTGCI” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”500″]

Toring seems to be taking the center stage on our list of the most reliable car jack stands on the market today. And that’s because of the unwavering quality expressed across all their products, including the Big Red T43004 Double Locking Aluminum Jack Stands.

Like its brothers, this package also come in a pair so that you can enjoy double the reliability and dependability associated with each jack- all at a reasonable price tag!

Similar to the other stands featured on this list, this pair comes with a lift capacity of 3-ton. This makes it ideal for lifting a wide range of vehicles- from the small cars to the heavy SUVs, trucks, etc.

With a height lift range of 10 ¾ to 15 5/8 inches, it also meets your height adjustment needs when working underneath that car. The adjustment task is made easier and quicker by the 5 hole adjustment system with a locking bearing for the ultimate safety.

Unlike its competitors, this stand features an extra-large, cast aluminum base for increased stability and safety. Thanks to its overall strong aluminum construction, this jack is ultra-lightweight and highly portable. So, you’d consider it the right model for moving around with in your car.

Highlighted features:

  • check3-ton capacity, sold in pair
  • check5 hole adjustment, secured with a locking bearing
  • checkLift range: 10 ¾ to 15 5/8 inches
  • checkExtra-large, cast aluminum base
  • checkANSI certified
  • checkFlanged top for hassle-free positioning

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9. ESCO 10498 Jack Stand Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0019JVIPM” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”330″]

If you’re looking for the best jack to keep in a car, consider purchasing the ESCO 10498 Jack Stand today. Unlike most of the models out there that fall in this jack’s price range, this is a professional grade stand designed with all quality materials and made to handle heavy-duty vehicles weighing as high as 6000lbs.

What makes this jack stand even more unique is the one of a kind flat top it comes with. And on this surface lies a removable rubber saddle that protects the stand metal from marring or scratching your vehicle when in use. Additionally, this rubber increase the frictions between the two surfaces, zeroing chances of tipping.

I also find the 3-leg design in this stand more stable and reliable than then four-leg designs which are prone to wobbling when deployed on uneven surfaces.

Because this ESCO jack stand offers you a high lift range of 13 to 21 inches, it becomes extremely easy to choose the best height to work with. Not to forget that making the height adjustments is quite easy!

Highlighted features:

  • check3-ton lift capacity
  • checkLift range: 13.2-inch to 21.5-inch
  • checkProfessional grade stand
  • checkRemovable rubber saddle

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10. Torin Big Red T43006 Steel SUV Jack Stands Review:

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B002E1AYKY” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”truckersection02-20″ width=”399″]

There’s no better way to call off our list of the best-performing, most affordable jack stands than with this Big Red T43006 Steel SUV Jack Stands.

Also from Torin, this jack comes with a heavy-duty steel construction for extended lifespan and service life. It meets the set ANSI safety standards and comes fully tested for the ultimate safety and reliability.

At a lift capacity of 6000 lbs. or 3-ton, this is truly one of the best jack stands for trucks. It will safely and securely hold your vehicle to allow you to do your job safely, easily and quickly.

The double-locking pawl and tooth mechanism that comes with this stand further enhances your safety, allowing you to fully concentrate on your job.

Like the other Torin stands we’ve discussed above, this model also features a saddle and base with wider surface, both of which are meant to increase its safety standards. The truly affordable stand also comes in a pair for added support/safety.

Highlighted features:

  • checkConstructed from heavy duty steel
  • checkDouble locking pawl and tooth design
  • checkLarge base and saddle for added safety
  • check3-ton capacity
  • checkLifting range: 14” to 20 ½”
  • check100% factory tested for safety and reliability
  • checkANSI certified

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Why Do You Need a Jack Stand?

Safety! Safety! Safety!

Safety is the core reason why you need to invest in a high-quality jack stand as soon as now!

Let’s face the truth:You’ll at one time or the other need to get under your car so that you can conduct some regular maintenance or do some repair job, e.g. changing a flat tire.

For this reason, you not only need to use your car jack but also your jack stand because:

  • The hydraulic car jacks are prone to failing all the time. And if you solely rely on them to support your car, you’re risking not only the falling of your car (which results in total damage) but also your precious life.
  • Besides, if you deploy only your jack, you’ll only have a single point of contact, making your car less stable and easy to topple. Take an instance where you deploy your jack at the middle of the car; clearly, you’re sure to have a wobbly car that can tip any time.

But if you add a jack stand to support your car, you’ll introduce additional points of contact, increase the overall car stability, and eliminate chances of toppling.

One more thing:

Before getting under your car to start you repair job, I suggest that you test the setup by giving it a little shake. This will show you the level of stability and let you tell if it’s safe to get underneath the vehicle.

Again, remember that your overall safety matters when working under your car and having a top-quality jack stand in your car will grant you this safety.


Things to Consider When Buying one of the Best Jack Stands:

The market offers you varieties of jack stands to pick from. Trying to get the most suitable model can be an overwhelming experience, especially for first timers.However, the following factors will help you narrow down your choices:


The first thing you need to check in any jack stand is the quality of material used to construct it.Most of the stands on the market today are made from steel and cast iron. Not to forget that you’ll also encounter models made from aluminum.

My advice is: always go for stands made from high-grade steel or cast iron metals as this assures you of a durable, long-lasting stand.If you want something more portable, you’ll need to check the aluminum models…but make sure they’re build to last.

 Load Capacity

Just like the car jacks, the car jack stands come with varying weight ratings, usually expressed in tons.

The least powerful jack stand I came across could support half a ton while the most powerful was capable of supporting up to 25 tons.With that said, your job involves looking for a model that can support the weight of the vehicle(s) you plant to use it with.

The heavier your vehicle is, the more a powerful jack you’ll need,Like in the case of car jacks, I always advise my readers to look for stands with higher weight capacity than their cars.

Fixed or adjustable height?

Fixed height stands have no moving parts, which makes them stronger than the adjustable height models. However, they’re usually heavy, less portable and less versatile.

Thus, they’re a good choice if you’re looking for a stand that you’ll be using in one location.

The adjustable models allow you to adjust their height until it meets your desired criteria, making them highly versatile. They come with safety pins which ensures they remain in place. And they’re more portable than fixed variants.

 Ease of Use

Of course, you’ll need to look for an easy to operate stand.If you go with the adjustable model, ensure that making adjustments is easy and fast.

In general, ensure that any jack you want to buy is easy to deploy.The way I see it, if you invest in a difficult to use, you might soon find yourself dumping it, increasing your risks of getting jack related accidents.

Lift Height

The lift height in jack stands refers to the maximum extension you can achieve with your stand without compromising the overall safety.Make sure your stand has sufficient light height that will support your car off the ground and allow you to do your job safely.

 Lock Design

As I told you earlier, the jack stands utilize a lock mechanism that keeps them in the set position. This helps prevent them from failing off- thus knowing what type of lock to picks is equally important.

The most common lock design is the ratchet/lever mechanism. This is perfectly stable and will hold your jack in the set position.However, you can also go for other designs such as pin-in-hole locks which are also highly reliable.

 Base Width

Given that the stability of your jack stand is critical in enchanting its performance, you should pay attention to the base width as well.

The wider the base appears, the more stable your model will be. Look for stands with a pyramid shape as they offer the best stability.Also, note that the piston style stands come with octagon shaped based which also offer high stability.


Coming up with a budget before heading to the stores helps narrow down your choices, making the selection process even more easier.Make sure your budget is reasonable and the products that fall in its range have all the key features we’ve discussed above, and will meet your safety needs.


 Jack Stand Brands Available On The Market


There are countless jack stand brands available on the market today. In this section, I’ll mention some of the names that are known to manufacture quality, dependable products.


Torin gives you the real value for your money. For many, many years, they’ve earned a reputation for producing the best car jack stands as well as other automotive equipment all over the world.

Their stands come offer you premium features that team up to output an excellent performance.Best part- all their products are quite affordable!


Omega has also earned respect from vehicle owners for manufacturing top-quality jack stands as well as car jacks.All their stands come with the features and durability required by the professionals.

And with the added ANSI certification, you can trust Omega jack to meet your safety expectations.

Sunex Tools

With Sunex jack stands, you can rest assured of the real bang for your back.Sunnex is among the few known manufactures who make extremely durable and powerful jack stands. Nearly all their designs come with 4-legged designed which translates to unbeatable stability that takes your safety a notch higher.

All the Sunex stands are easy to use for everyone- including first-time users.


Powerzone jacks also come with a decent quality and are highly affordable. They’re made using heavy-duty steel and employ an extremely easy to use ratcheting mechanism to keep you safe when working your vehicle.


The Hein-Werner jack stands are manufactured in the USA with premium quality materials. They meet all the set industry standards for quality and performance.

The dependability and ruggedness that comes with Hein-Werner stands have made them a popular choice in government, military, and private sectors.

All their products come with 2-year manufacturer warranty as an assurance of their unmatched quality.


Our Final Verdict on the Best Jack Stands

If you search the web for car jack related accident, you’ll get overwhelmed by the countless cases being reported every year. You’ll be even sacred to discover that all these accidents are life-threating, and most of them have caused instant deaths.

Today, you can escape the reality of these horrific incidences by arming yourself with a high-quality car jack stand. This not only guarantees your safety but also lets you easily and quickly repair your car.

Bookmark the buying guide for jack stand I’ve shared above and always use it to help you pick the perfect model for your vehicle.You can quickly get the best jack stand for the money from the 10 top-rated stands I’ve reviewed for you in the above.

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