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How Does a RC Boat Work? Things You Should Know

So you want to get into RC boating? Remote-controlled (or radio-controlled) boats are controlled remotely using radio control equipment. Types include electric sports boats, model sailboats, scale boats, and model combat warships.First, let’s shine a spotlight on an RC boat’s various components:TransmitterThe transmitter is a control box you hold in your hand that turns your […]

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How To Build an Awesome Steam Boat At Home?

Today, you don’t have to spend some cash on the best steam boat on the market in order to enjoy using it.Rather, you can just make a simple model at home-and with cheap materials- that functions just as great as the store-bought models.The process is fairly simple, and does not require you to posse ay […]

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How to Build a Rc Boat Rigger

RC boating racing is NO fun without an outrigger RC boat. These models can move at extremely high seeds, making them the most preferred RC ships for adult hobbyists who can’t go a day without racing in the pool, pond or lake.Other than buying a trigger RC boat for the stores, you can make one […]

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DIY Learn To Make Your Own Electronic Motor

An electric is absolutely one of the essential parts of RC boat. It’s the part that gives your device the power to move forward, backward, turn left or right.That being said, it will be total fun learning how to come up with a proper electric motor from scratch and using basic materials that will cost […]

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How to Make RC boat Using Water Pump

Probably you’ve always wanted to get an RC ship and experience the spectacular RC boating adventures.But given the high prices they come with, it might not always be easy for all us to afford the high-quality RC boats selling in the stores.Nevertheless, this should not stop you from enjoying using a great RC boat. Below, […]

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How To Make A Small Brushless Dc Motor Inrunner

How about making your own small brushless dc motor from scratch?Well, this is exactly what I’m about to show you right here. I’ll present you with a video that will guide you through the steps to follow make the above motor.The entre process is really short and will take only your afternoon time (or less). […]

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